In 2017, The Class opened its first boutique studio in New York, but it wasn’t until 2019 when they launched their Digital Studio that they became a global fitness company. THE UPSIDE is excited to collaborate with The Class and create a collection that allows their global community to feel like the best version of themselves.

What is The Class, and what makes it unique?

The Class is a somatic workout that is designed to strengthen your mind alongside your body. The Class blends cardio, strength training, and guided meditation into a music-driven workout that brings students into the present moment. The method is unique because in any given Class, students will repeat one move per song to create sensation in the body and observe their thoughts. Students also use sound to release energy and breath to bring awareness to feelings and sensations. We have studios in Los Angeles and New York City, and our Digital Studio makes the workout available to people all around the world. We are offering a 30-day free trial to our Digital Studio to The Upside community as part of our collaboration -- I hope to see you on the mat!

Why did you want to offer people this collection as an extension of The Class?

We are always looking to create products that feel in line with The Class method, both aesthetically and functionally. How you show up to take Class makes a difference in your practice -- whether at one of our studios or at home via our Digital Studio. What you put in -- and on -- your body, both physically and energetically, has a profound effect on how you move through the world. We wanted to offer our students a collection that feels comfortable, supportive, and beautiful as they move through their day.

In thinking about your global community and what is important to them, how did you want the collection to make them feel?

We wanted our Class community to know that this collection was created to complement their daily lifestyle and practice. These styles can be mixed and matched not just for workouts, but wherever their day may take them.


Tell us about the mood for the collection? What did you consider in the design elements and colour palate when breathing life into the collection?

The collection was designed with The Class practice at the core. We thought about what pieces and fabrics would feel best as you move through the peaks and valleys of The Class; pieces and fabrics that are supportive in the high intensity moments and comfortable in the softer, more restorative ones. The colors are an extension of our brand palette, rooted in neutrals and earth tones, subtle yet elegant. While the fabrics themselves are technical, the design details reflect more than just a nod to "fitness." We aimed to create versatile, luxe pieces that can move with (and on you) from your practice to the rest of your day.

What have your teachers said about the collection so far? What do they love about it?

The Class Teachers are loving the line. The fabric truly speaks for itself, a buttery soft second skin. The supportive details of the pieces have not gone unnoticed and have allowed a range of bodies to feel good.

Why partner with THE UPSIDE?

Plain and simple, THE UPSIDE values mindful movement the way we do. They are mindful in how they work, fabrics they source, and ultimately their finished products. While creating this capsule collection together, The Upside team has lived their values every step of the way. This is what we look for in a partner. People who don't just talk the talk, but walk the walk. It also doesn't hurt that their fabrics are world class!

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